Z-Pita- Not Just Greek- Eggs Benedict till 2

Ok you have walked or drove past Z-pita on Maint St a million times but when was the last time you stopped in?

Sure we could tell you about their great Mediterranean and Italian menus but you already knew that! But here’s something not everyone knows.

Did you know you that can get a great breakfast till 2pm every day of the week including their euro crepes, omelletes, pancakes, waffles and even Eggs Benedict! Who would have have knew!  So next time you are looking for a new breakfast spot remember Z-Pita - it’s not just Greek!

  • Where: Z-Pita, 217 Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777
  • When: Breakfast seven day’s till 2:00pm
  • Info & Questions: call 631-476-7510 or ZiPita