Village Suspends Metered Parking Till April 15

How to work a Parking Meter in Port Jefferson

Try to pay for parking in the Dark or Rain- You'll Never Come Back!

The Village has decided to extend no metered parking an additional month tilll April 15, 2011. We would like to congratulate and thank the the Mayor and the Village Trustees who voted to to extend No Metered Parking in the village Parking lots till April 15th. This really is a win win situation for the merchants and visitors to Port Jefferson. Although village officials don’t like to admit it, metered parking and the resulting tickets have put Port Jefferson merchants at a competitive disadvantage with other villages and towns on Long Island. At least till April 15th visitors, merchants and employees to our stores and restaurants will not have to pay the meters or worry about getting a parking ticket when they are shopping , eating or working at our at our local shops and restaurants.

FYI: Although metered parking in the parking lots will be suspended till April 15th, 2011, please remember that all parking  on the street is enforced year round! Read those signs carefully when parking on the street! Street parking is stictly enforced.