Two Tons Of Fun Spotted In Port Jefferson

Spotted in front of Port Jeff’s iconic Village Way Restaurant on a warm fall Sunday afternoon was this “two tons of fun” a 1966 Cadillac Deville Convertible. In 1966 Caddy was on top of its game. Coming off a total re-style in 1965 model year 1966 would benefit from a freshing of GM’s styling guru Bill Mitchel’s finned glory. Sales for this Land Yacht were strong for the “Standard Of The World” Cadillac. Total sales for 1966 were 196,685 units with only 19,200 people opting for the luxury droptop. Weighing in at a portly 4534 pounds the Deville was no sports car but offered as Caddy called it “Pillow-cushion” ride. Powering this highway behemoth was Caddy’s tried and true 429 cubic inch V8. Rated at 340 horsepower it could pass everything but a gas station. The only transmission of choice was GM’s excellent 3 speed “Hydramatic”  Options were few since your 1966 Caddy came loaded from the factory. You could add nice touches like cruise control or a power trunk. No respectful Deville owner would be caught dead opening his trunk with a key when he could push the button inside its felt lined glove box. Its power top featured more piston and valves then the Lunar Module but proved to be robust and trouble free. The featured 1966 Deville Convertible is finished in Ember Firemist Red with Roman Red leather interior. A fine piece of Cadillac history this glorious droptop is wonderful look back when gas was 30 cents a gallon and when American luxury cars rulled the road.

This story brought to you by Port Jeff’s own Carlisle