The Sign Says It All – Expect Police Patrols

Port Jeff 2012 Summer Sign- Strict Enforcement ZoneThe signs say it all when you are coming to Port Jefferson on the weekends.  In a response to increased levels summer time partying and some quality of life issues that seem to occur every summer in the village. Port Jeff village, with the cooperation of PJ Code Enforcement and Suffolk County Police have given notice to expect Police Patrols. The police response is three phase approach with foot patrols, bicycle units and of course sector cars and COPE Units making their presence known during the “Busy Night Time Hours!

It ‘s  not that we have a big problem in Port Jeff but the shear number of visitors to Port Jefferson during the summer tends to bring a certain number of ” Problems” to the village.  As a merchant I like to see a patrol officer walking a beat or the bycle patrols keeping an eye out around town. Some people may think officials are over reacting but a strong Police presence has a tendency to stop problems before they get worse. I have always felt if you have nothing to hide, then you don’t have a anything to worry about! I recently asked a patrol officer walking an afternoon  beat in town,  how it was going? He said “I’ve been giving a lot directions!” 

Port Jeff 2012 summer Sign- Expect Police PatrolsMerchants and residents know the real problems in town start later in night. Port Jeff is a night spot and night spots draw all types of people. The restaurants and Bars in Town draw thousands of people every weekend not to mention hundreds and hundreds of  locals and not so local young people who come to the village to have some fun. It is a fact that 99 % of the people who come to town are not causing any problems. But lets face it after a night of drinking and partying a small percent of visitors cause problems like vandalism, broken windows, public intoxication, fighting and a variety of other quality of life issues that need to be addressed. That’s when the police come in and do the job they are being asked to do! that’s when you will see a strong police precence thru out the village.  Most law abiding citizens are happy to see the police- they indeed are protecting and serving the village of Port Jefferson and I for one, am happy to see them!

So the message is clear. All are welcome to Port Jefferson. Come to the village and enjoy the restaurants, bars, stores, boutiques and free entertainment but remember the “Laws are strictly Enforced” especially in late summer !