Search For The Best Martini In Port Jefferson Has Begun..

It has come to our attention that their is a little bit of competetion  and a lot of  disagreement where and who makes the best Martini in Port Jefferson. Like many young men in 1960′s I marveled at the adventures of Agent 007 James Bond. James was known for being the ultimate spy and lover of beautiful women. He was also known as a lover of a fine Martini. When he spoke the words “Vodka Martini..shaken not stirred” The Martini went from being a cocktail for the rich to a cocktail for the masses. Authur H.L.Mencken called the Martini ” The only American invention as perfect as a sonnet”  Early Martini’s were mostly made of Gin. During the Prohibition years. “Gin Mills” of the 1920′s would serve them to their rich and powerful customers. As the years went by Martini’s were made with both Gin and Vodka.

The classic Martini is made with Vodka or Gin with a splash of Vermouth. Add Olives, Lemon, Onion’s or the garnish of choice.  The trick is making it “smooth” with little or no bite. That is indeed an art form in itself. In recent years the Martini has been expanded to include the “Apple-Tini” or Choco-Tini” All great drinks but not the classic Martini. What’s next the “Clam-Tini”

Our mission at is to find the best classic Martini in Port Jefferson. We know its a tough job but somebody’s got to do it and we are dedicated to find the best Port Jefferson has to offer. At Me4PortJeff we are looking for the coldest, smoothest Martini served in Port Jeff. It going to take a little time but we are dedicated! So Port Jefferson get your shakers ready. Just be warned. If somebody tries to serve us a “Oyster-Tini’ were going to call James Bond..

We would love to hear your nominations for where and who!  We have already started the process and  have enlisted the services of well know Port Jeff legend, Mr. Martini who has done extensive research on the martini.  You can count on to make  full report  in timely matter!