The Search Has Started For Port Jeff’s Best Martini..

As the saying goes. “All great journeys begin with the first step”  Armed with more Martini knowledge than one brain could hold and a pocket full of quarters we forged ahead to find the Best Martini in Port Jefferson. Our on staff expert Little Miss Perfect Martin schooled us in what to look for as far a preparation and taste. It seems the perfect Martini is more about how its made and thats how you get the ultimate taste. The formula was simple. A classic James Bond like shaken not stirred Vodka Martini. Our booze of choice will be Grey Goose to even the playing field and not insult our taste buds. We also understand trying to consume a Martini from every saloon in Port Jeff in one night might sound like a good plan but in reality would lead to a next morning headache. We would taste one per night from one of Port Jefferson’s superb restaurants or bars. As Jackie Gleason use to say “Away we go”                             

Our first stop in quest to find Martini Shangri La was Danfords. The bar at Danfords looks great. Bright and airy but with a warm charm and comfy couches. Our bartender was friendly and handsome in an Al Pacino way. The glass was chilled but with water.  Shaken not stirred and poured into the ice cold glass created a wonderfully smooth Martini with a little Vodka bite. Great first step, good martini and will definately have to come back for another..

Our next stop searching for Martini heaven was The Fifth Season.  We climbed the long stairs to their upstairs bar.Nice crowd with a guitar player singing Eagles tunes. Our bartender seemed to have other things on her mind. She slapped some ice in the glass and shaker. Gave it few shakes and slammed it home. Unfortunately the Martini was not cold and had alot of bite. We enjoyed the music and decided will have to come back again for a second soon.

Our last stop for the evening was The Village Way. You can always count on “The Way” for some good food and on a Saturday night  the bar is full of local charm and characters. We went during the Dickens Festival and with their Saturday Night Karaoke Party the place was packed like a two pound baloney in a one pound bag. But the owner Alice was dressed in a lovely Dickens costume and as usual was a great host and bartender. She did the proper mixture and glass chilling. Many shakes later she poured a smooth and glorious Martini. It still had some bite though Is it the best?? Time and more searching will tell the tale. Little Miss Perfect Martini has something with her club soda thing, ice cold glass and lots of shaking.  Who has the best martini in Port Jeff? We would love to hear from you?  More to follow on our adventures!…