The Good,The Bad and The Ugly Come To Port Jeff..

The Good and The Bad. The Triumph TR6. In the our ever changing American language sometimes things mean the same thing but are opposite words. During the 1970′s when something was “bad”‘ it was “good” So with that in mind the Mimosa Yellow 1972 Triumph TR6 spotted in Port Jeff last month is one “bad” British Sports car.First introduced in 1968 as a 1969 model the TR6 was the replacement for the TR250 (in the USA) and the TR5 (in England) Sold from 1969-1976 Triumph would sell over 94,000 plus TR6′s. Oddly only 8370 were sold in the UK with most going to our shores. The TR6 was the last of the big and brawny British sports cars.Powered by a lusty 2.5 liter six cylinder engine it was low on comfort but long on soul stirring sounds and wind in the face performance. The TR6 rode on a full frame bolted to a creaky body that like a bad girlfriend your either loved it or hated it. In 1976 Car and Driver magazine described it as “The last of the hairy chested sports cars” My red 1969 TR6 would creak,rattle,spit,stall and cause you to do all kinds of late night bloody knuckle repairs but with the top down and that throaty six cylinder it was automotive heaven. The Triumph TR6 is one good umm I mean “bad” sports car.. The Ugly.1988 Sterling 825SL. Lets start by saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I must admit to purchasing one of these when they were new in 1987.  The Sterling was Rover’s very failed attempt at re-entering the US car market. Rover’s reputation was so bad in the USA that it had to  re-brand its sporty sedan to try to trick US buyers into some sort of amnesia to purchase this lemon. Not that it was such a bad car it just couldn’t shake its own reputation.With engines borrowed from Honda it would use the same 2.5 liter V6 as the first Acura Legend.The Honda drivetrains were bullet proof but everything British simply just fell off. I spent many a day at the Sterling service center waiting for them to install pieces of wood that fell off dash almost daily. A five mile walk home in the dark when the electrical system stopped working in a rain storm made put the for sale sign on the next day. Even with a $7500.00 rebate Rover couldn’t give a Sterling away and they left our shores forever in 1990. Oh how British and one “Ugly” car..

                    This story brought to you by Port Jeff’s own  Johnny B and