Schafer’s in Port Jefferson Opens Upper Level

Schafer's Restaurant in Port Jefferson opens upper levelAfter months of renovations at the old Catch /Papa Joe’s/Dockside restaurant on West Broadway in Port Jeff,  a new and much improved restaurant called Schafer’s has opened up the upper level for lunch, diner and weekend entertainment. While they finish up and complete improvements downstairs, the upstairs is now open and guests are able to sample their American style menu , enjoy cocktails and get an idea of what is to come!.

Schafer's in Port Jeffersons Upper Level BarOne might think the upper deck lends itself to a casual dining experience with it’s open roof , wire tables and umbrellas but be prepared for an upscale, sophisticated experience. The menu is interesting “American Style” and features Small Plates, Sushi, Raw bar, Salads as well as Seafood, Lobster and Steak entrees. When you order also be prepared for an upscale presentation! There is a full bar upstairs, reasonable priced wine list and entertainment on the weekend. What is not to like? Nice job and well worth the wait!


Mussels & Andouille small plate at Schafer's Restaurant Port Jeff

Mussels & Andouille Small Plate at Schafer's Restaurant Port Jeff

  • Where: Upper Level Schafer’s Restaurants
  • What: Lunch, Diner & Entertainment
  • Coming Soon: Fully renovated lower level!