Port Jefferson: The Facts, Nothing But The Facts

Ever wonder how big Port Jeff Village is, how many people live in the Port, what is their average age and how well educated they are? Well thanks to Port Jeff’s offical website www.portjeff.com we found the answers and whole lot more! Some interesting Port Jeff facts:

Area – 3.05 square miles
Population - 8,140 (ESRI Forecast)
Number of Households - 3,093 (ESRI Forecast)
Three major hospitals provide over 539 beds and nearly 3200 jobs
Median annual household income – $95,300 (2000 Suffolk County Planning Board)
Percentage of housing that is owner-occupied – 80.3% (2000 Census)
Median home value – $533,829 (ESRI Forecast)
Average age of residents – 40.4 years (2000 census)
Percentage of residents who are professionals – almost 40%
Percentage of adult population that has attended college – 66%
Percentage with graduate degrees – 30%

Want more Port Jeff Village demographics, income and ethnic  profiles and trends?

Click on this link for a Detail report prepared for Port Jeff Village by STDBonline

Lots of cool info, lots of facts and trends, loved the graphics but all I really wanted to don’t know was how many dogs live in Port Jeff Village.