Cars Seen in Port Jeff

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. As they use to say on Laugh-In “Here comes the Judge”. Regarded as the first true Muscle Car Pontiac started a true legend in 1964. The formula was simple. Stuff a large engine in a mid-size car. Add a rumbling dual exhaust and a fuel gobbling four barrel carb..and hang on!!

The brainchild of GM engineers Russell Gee,Bill Collins and GM bad boy John Delorean. The GTO would usher in an era of burnouts and drag races. The GTO came about due to the fact that GM banned corporate racing programs. Delorean and his team wanted to prove that Pontiac was GMs performance division. With the GTO they proved it..

The GTO was based on the rather bland Tempest. To create to GTO John Ds team had to upgrade all aspects of the family sedan. The original GTO came in two generations. The 1st from 1964-1967. Engines ranged from 389 to 400 V*s. The featured GTO Judge is part of the 2nd generation built between 1969-1973.  Engines ranged from 400-455 V8s

In 1969 you could order your GTO with “The Judge” option. The upgrade would cost you an extra $322.00 when you checked the box on your order sheet. For the extra cash you got special decals. It also included the Ram Air III engine, Rally II wheels without trim rings, Hurst shifter (with a unique T-shaped handle), wider tires, various decals, and a rear spoiler. Pontiac claimed that the spoiler had some functional effect at higher speeds, producing a small but measurable down force, but it was of little value at legal speeds except for style. The Judge was initially offered only in “Carousel Red,” but late in the model year a variety of other colors became available.. Next time you see our featured “Sunburst Orange” 1969 GTO Judge rolling around Port Jeff.. Put on you Bell-Bottoms and shout the ole slogan from Laugh-In ” Here comes the Judge!! “