Fro-yo Dating – Delish Style in Port Jeff

Yogo Delish - FroyoSure there’s a lot of frozen yogurt places in and around Port Jeff. Maybe you’ve heard of Yogo DelishRed Mango, Sweet Frogs, Wild Berry or the Cool Monkey. Ever wonder why there’s so many choices when you’re in the mood for some fro-yo? For me, I think it’s because more and more people are catching onto the idea of “fro-yo dating”. There’s nothing better than enjoying alittle personalized frozen yogurt with a best friend or the one you love. It’s delicious, affordable, and fun!

With so many options, my friend and I decided to try them all. After many dates and some serious brain freeze, we concluded that our clear favorite is Yogo Delish, located at 211 Main Street in Port Jeff! They have a great variety of flavors, from the typical chocolate to the more orginal cinnamon roll. Once you’ve chosen your flavor and how much of it you want, you can then move on to the toppings. You can spend an hour just deciding what toppings you want! My favorites are peanut butter cups, chocolate syrup, cookie dough pieces, and a few gummy bears, but the combinations are endless. Once you’re creation is complete, you weigh it, pay the friendly cashier a few bucks, and go find a seat in the back with your date. Yogo Delish’s decor is so fun and makes for a really pleasing environment to enjoy your tasty treat!

Yogo-Delish-Interior facebookWe tend to go on our “fro-yo dates” at least once a week and we’ve changed “fro-yo dating” to “Yogo-dating” in honor of our favorite place. So the next time you’re in the mood for a little frozen yogurt, or just want to spend some quality time with a loved one, treat yourself to a Yogo-date, Delish style!

  • Who: Yogo Delish
  • Where: 211 Main Street, Port Jeffersonn NY 11777
  • Contact: 631-403-4777