Port Jeff Suspends Metered Parking for Memorial Day

Port Jeff suspends Metered Parking on Memorial DayVisitors to Port Jefferson on Memorial Day were happily suprised to see metered parking was suspended for the Holiday. Vets, merchants and visitors didn’t have to pay for the parking in the village lots. This was the first time metered parking was suspended on a Holiday and I’m sure visitors were happy not to have to worry about getting a ticket while they enjoyed their holiday in Port Jefferson. Restaurants and businesses in town count on the holidays for increased sales and when customers don’t have to worry about getting a ticket they tend to spend more time in town which can make a big diffrence to the bottom line for everyone doing business in Port Jefferson.

Port Jefferson- A Lot To Love 

Apparently the Mayor Garant understands that the business community has to be able to attract customers to Port Jefferson and the parking comitte doesn’t realize people will go elsewhere if they have to pay for parking and risk getting tickets. It really is quite simple the village needs to follow policies that encourage people to come to town and avoid policies that sends viitors to neighboring towns and villages . Suspending metered parking for the Memorial Day holiday was a great idea. Lets hope for more metered parking holidays! Port Jefferson has come along way from the days when it seemed the official policy was to find ways to chase people out of town.