Port Jeff Brewing Company’s Schooner Ale Voted Best Local Brew

Me4PortJeff Staffers Vote PJBC Schooner Ale "Best Local Brew"It’s official! Me4PortJeff.com staffers  have voted  Port Jeff’s Brewing Company’s Schooner Ale  “Best Local Brew”.  In an exhusting study,  our staffers who we will call The Three Amigos conducted intensive tasting at local pubs and restaurants. The “Quest”was to find the best local brew for the coming summer season. It is fair to say the Three Amigos have different tastes when it comes to beer ( Guinness, Blue Point and Corona with Bacardi Limón) but they agreed to  to  take an open minded approach. In a spirtit of full disclosure, the criteria was fairly broad- local was defined as reasonably local to include Boston’s Sam Adams and Mexico’s La Cerveza Más Finabut to make the choice geographically easier for the Three Amigos, it was decided they would limit their choices to on tap beers available in  local PJ bars and restaurants. Local was defined as  no more than 2 miles from the blinking light at the corner of Main St and West Broadway in Port Jeff. Now that’s Local!

Enter the Port Jeff Brewing Company, because the Three Amigos all live and work in the Port Jeff area, the Amigos were able to take  full advantage of the Tasting Room at the PJBC . In retrospect it really was a brillant strategy.  The Tasting  Room at the the Brewery turns out to a fabulous local resource. They don’t mind sharing their various brews and in our search of the “Quest” , the Amigos made it a point to try everything they brew. What Dedication!

C'est Cheese Offer the finest Local and Not So Local Beers on TapAfter sampling the brews at PJBC, the Amigos took their research to local bars and restaurants to evaluate the real life experience straight from the local taps. Luckily for the community and the Amigos,  there are now seven locations within a 2 mile area where you can get a PJBC on Tap!  Comparing notes and trying the new brews as they began to appear in local bars and restaurants the Amigos  began to narrow their choices. Finally in a chance meeting with Mike Philbrick the owner of PJBC  in a local night spot ,  the Amigos were galvanized into action.  Mike shared that he had just delivered a brand new batch  of  PJBC Schooner Ale to Schafers Bar and Restaurant on W Broadway in Port Jeff.  Within minutes the Amigos relocated to a bar room table at Schafers and unanimously voted Port Jeff Brewing Company’s Schooner Ale “Best  local Brew“. One Amigo was heard to say ” This Schooner tastes better every time I try it ” Another Amigo was heard to say ” I bet a little Bacardi Limón would make this Cerveza Más Fina”  With their work done the Amigos were seen entering a Cab for the ride home!

Port Jeff Brewing CompanySo why the PJBC Schooner Ale?   Well all we have tos say is you need to try it to understand! The ingredients – great stuff- the Malts: Maris Otter (UK), Crystal Hops: Columbus, Kent Goldings, the numbers look good - 7.5 SRM 30 IBU 6.5% ABV, the taste- world class!  PJBC describes their schooner Ale as “ an English Pale Ale with an American twist. Aptly named after the many wooden sailing vessels made in Port Jefferson it is continuously hopped creating extended bitterness and lasting aromas. Its light citrus flavor makes this pale ale a great session beer for hop lovers. Aged to please with a light malt finish”  Me4PortJeffStaffers where unanimous in voting PJMC Schooner Ale “Best Local Brew”. Their words “ Want to try something tasty?  Try a Schooner Ale”

Find Port Jeff Brewing Company Beers on Tap at the following Local Locations

 C’est Cheese
216B Main St  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777

 Danfords Hotel and Marina
25 East Broadway  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777
631-928-5200Fifth Season
34 East Broadway  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777

P.J. Lobster House
1 North Country Rd  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777

Portside Bar and Grill
242B East Main St  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777

105 Wynn Lane  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777

111 West Broadway  Map
Port Jefferson NY 11777