One The Road With Johnny B ..Being Dumb And Single At The Dickens Festival

Being a downtown Port Jefferson village resident you sometimes take things for granted. PJ village has all kinds of amazing events throughout the year. So you tend to get spoiled since these events happen at your doorstep. For some odd reason when the Dickens Festival happens I become a tourist. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. From Friday night untill Sunday Eve I try to attend as many events as possible.

I really enjoy all the people dressed up in costumes and just the happy mood it put PJ village in. I was approached by a man dressed as The Grim Reaper or some sort of angel of death. With his scary makeup he asked me if I was “afraid of death?” My answer was ” Hey pal I’ve been in auto parts 30 years I welcome death.” 

   Think he was more scared of me than I was of him. Maybe that explains why he ran away mumbling “the horror oh the horror.”

One of my favorite things to do is go for the horse and buggy ride. For some reason the clip clop makes me smile. While waiting on line I was standing next to a very attractive women and her pretty little daughter. I did scan the left hand noticing she had no ring on her finger. Yes ladies, men look for that too.

We started a casual chat about this and that. She then asked me if I was “by myself or was anybody else joining me?”

My answer was of course the usual duh! or “nope I’m all by myself errr duh!”

After my Shakespeare like answer I just stopped talking. Duh again!

After all this thrilling chat it was my turn to go for the buggy ride. There were only two seats left so I let my attractive flirting friend go ahead of me. I guess chivalry is not dead only stupid. As she got on the buggy with her daughter she glanced my way with a look of “can he really be that dumb.”

The horse and buggy went clip-clopping away and her pretty face was gone forever. Behind me was a young man in his early 20′s.

He looked at me and said “Dude whats wrong with you?” Hmmm what’s wrong indeed…

This story brought to you by Port Jeff’s own Carlisle Johnny aka Johnny B. For more insight into Johnny B’s life go to Carlisle