Ocean Clark & Laura Bochet’s Impromtu Outdoor Art Exhibit in Port Jefferson

Ocean Clark & Laura Bochet Outdoor Exhbit 08/13/2011Last Saturday August 13, Ocean Clark and Laura Bochet held an impromptu Art Exhibit in front of You, Me & Tea in Chandler Square in Port Jefferson.  Ocean whose works are featured at Imagine Gallery is best known for his iconic pop culture images has joined with Laura who is more of a classic realist. It was my first look and their calibarations which are absolutely intriquing.
As it can be, it was a little slow during the day. But it was fun to watch Ocean Clark paint an image of Audrey Hepburn on the spot. Earlier in the day I saw he had his brushes and paint out. I was in Chandler Square in front of the PJ Motorcycle store looked over and saw splashes of red paint on the left side of the canvas. The next time I Looked over Ocean was working in the middle of the canvas, a little later the image was complete.  Ocean works fast.The good news for Ocean Clark by the end of the day, some passer by had the good sense to snatch up an Ocean Clark original and  take Audrey Hepburn home.
Ocean Clark creating a Audrey Hepburn in Port Jefferson
If you would like to see more Of Ocean Clark and Laura  work they will back in Port Jefferson on Saturday September 10. 2011 at Imagine Gallery. More info is available at 631-509-5340 or check out the Imagine Gallery Website. Make sure you attend this exhibit because rumor has it Ocean and Laura are moving to the other coast!