Niko DeMaria – Local Artist – Premiers Motorcycle Art for Bikers

Niko's-Broken Spoke

Original Collage is 20" X 30"


Niko DeMaria, is a local Three Village artist who has created an original collection of Motorcycle Art which he recently previewed locally for an upcoming exhibition. Niko’s motorcycle art is “geared” to motorcycle enthusiasts as well those who appreciate the “image” and the story “behind the image”.

Using the medium of collage, he creates fragmented images with pieces of paper, images, paint and text.  In this case, the fragments come together to tell a bigger story of the unique experience of riding, living and breathing motorcycles. The various pieces are blended together and become larger than the individual  pieces. Niko creates the big picture and brings to life the past, present, future, the motorcycle lifestyle, retro Americana, youth, fun, and the motorcycles that are now considered classics.

Niko has not announced exhibition dates but the word on the street is there will be two shows in Suffolk county. We will keep you posted. You can see some of Niko’s other works on his website.

Niko's- Pledge of alligence-collage

Pledge of Allegiance-Collage