New Convenience Store Opens On Main Street in Port Jeff

The Port Shop - 126 Main St - Port Jefferson NY 11777For some reason when people come into  the PJ Motorcycle Store they are always asking where they can I get stuff like cigarettes, batteries or  a lotto ticket in Port Jeff. In the old days( five years ago)  I would send them to the Port Jeff Pharmacy which was a big old, small town drug store where you could get your prescriptions filled and find  almost anything else you wanted. Unfortunately the pharmacy is gone and in it’s place you will find a brand new  Chase Bank which has been a good neighbor in Port Jeff supporting local groups and sponsoring various events. The only problem is they have the annoying policy of charging you  a fee for everything you do at the bank. Go figure!

For a couple of years , I was sending people to Cliff’s on Main Street. He did a nice job of selling various convenience items and had a good reputation for selling winning NY State lotto tickets which made me want to go by a ticket every once and while. Unfortunately for me, there was no big lotto winnings for me but I did win $5 once.

Unfortunately last year,after going to the bank , I went to get another lotto ticket and Cliff’s was gone. No ticket, nowhere to send people. What’s a guy to do?

Last month I noticed a new convenience store opened up where Cliff’s was. I decided to stop by after making a donation to Chase Bank.  The new owner gave me a big hello. I looked around and was happy to see the store is well stocked and has everything a convenience store should have then some. The new place is called  The Port Shop.  They are open 7 days a week and open at 730 am and stay late – on Fri and Sat they are open past midnight. God Bless! So if you need  anything like  cigarettes, dog food, batteries, aspirins, a last minute card, sunglasses, a cold soda, newspaper just head over to across from Starbucks at 126 main Street. Chances are they will be open and you will find what you need.  NY State Lotto coming Soon!

  • What: The Port Shop
  • Where: 126 Main Street – Across from Starbucks
  • When: Open & Days from 7:30am to real late!
  • Phone: 631-473-0815