Me4PortJeff – 2011 Was Good, 2012 Will Be Better

2012 Will be a Good Year for Port jeffersonFor a many of us in Port Jeff  Business community , 2011  brought us one year closer to the end of the current financial crises.  It appears, 2011 was a year where that some PJ merchants and employees reported modest gains, even though they worked, harder and longer than ever before.  The good news for 2011 was, Port Jeff still remains one of Long Islands premier locations  for visitors to eat, shop and play while  residents continue to enjoy a unique small town, quality of life. 

2011 also marked a year of cooperation by the Village under Mayor Garant’s leadership and our business community. The Village worked with the  PJ Chamber of Commerce, The B.I.D. and a variety of other civic organizations to balance the needs of  residents, visitors and our business community. The results are new polices, events and programs that benefited and recognized the needs of  business in Port Jeff. In 2011, traditional holiday events,  parades and  festivals were rethought to be more ”business friendly” for  local business.  New festivals have been added like the Harvest festival with events like the “Best Chili in Town Contest” added to benefit local business. Motorcycle parking in PJ was positively addressed by PJ Village, Town of Brookhaven and the B.I.D. with a pilot program to offer Free motorcycle parking in the Brookhaven parking lot.

 In 2011, Village policy changes like turning of the meters off  for the winter, turning meters off  for certain  holidays and rational code enforcement have helped the local business during these difficult times. These type of policy changes are also helping to  repair Port Jefferson’s  negative image created years ago whenvisitors coming to Port Jeff were greeted by two large lighted DMV style  signs stating ” Expect Strict Law Enforcement”. Not exactly Port Jeff’s best public relation moment. believes 2012 will be a better year for Port Jeff. We look forward to working with and being a positive voice for the Port Jeff’s business community, Port Jeff Village and the many civic associations and local people that make Port Jefferson a great place to live, work and play. Happy New Year to all!