Little Miss Perfect Martini on the Job in Port Jeff

A gin martini, with olive, in a cocktail glass.

Martini Fact - Glass Size Matters

If you want to find the best Martini in Port Jeff , you need an expert! Little Miss Perfect Martini (LMPM) who works as waitress in a local restaurant is passionate about food and the somewhat elusive perfect martini. She has agreed to help Me4PortJeff  in our quest to find whose making the best Martini’s in Port Jefferson. 

Knowing about her reputation for making a perfect martini, I asked LMPM  what are some of the things that go into makeing a  great martini.   Her eyes lite up! ” A martini has to be served ice cold and the glass has to absolutely clean!” Seemed obvious to me but LMPM went on to explain.  ” The first step to a great martini is to chill the glass and remove any soapy residue that may be on the glass”  Chilled I knew, never acquired a taste for soap. She explained the best way to chill and and remove any residual soap residue is to fill the martini glass with ice and club soda . The ice does the chilling and the carbonated club soda with all those little bubbles take care of any soapy residue left on the glass! 

I think LMPM is on to something!  She explained some of her other martini secrets like glass size does matter and big olive is not better! Unfortunately LMPM had to cut the conversation short when customers showed up for lunch but before she walked away she told me ” Most bartenders don’t shake the Martin’ enough!” How many shakes, I asked.  “A lot…. 30 or 40 shakes at my house!”