Interested in Paying More? Pay for Parking In PJ with Your Smart Phone

Not so Easy to Use PJ Parking MetersYou rarely hear anything good about metered parking in Port Jeff  But the village loves the income generated by the meters and probably more importantly the income generated by tickets. The fact is if are not paying attention to the signage or you don’t know about the metered parking, you are going to get a ticket!  But because the parking business brings in the bucks,  our friend at the PJ parking committee have come up with another way to take your money.  In a system wide upgrade of the sub par  parking meters ( $169,000) they have introduced a “Pay for Parking with your Cell Phone” application!  For the privilege or the “convenience” as they call it, they want you pay, a .40 cent convenience fee per transaction.  That’s right, they want you to pay them an extra .40 cents every time you use their parking meter app!

You can count on the parking commitee  to find a new way to separate you from your cash.   The Parking Committee is now planning on introducing two pay meters to Port Jeff  that will accept dollar bills. I’m sure they will eventually figure out a way to charge extra when we use our  credit card to pay for parking. Interested in paying more for parking with your smart phone?  Get the app.  Visit to register. The good news, registration is free!

Pay More with PJ Smart Metered parking phone App

Pay More with PJ Smart Metered parking Phone App