Hongbin & Jessie Zhao Exhibit at Imagine Gallery till Nov 5

Original Canvas by Jessie Zhao

Last Saturday night Imagine Gallery in Port Jefferson was transformed for the opening of  the Fine Art Exhibition of Dr Hongbin Zhao and his daughter Jessie Zhao. John Diaz,  the owner of the gallery dispalyed more than 40 works of  the Dr. Hongbin Zhao and his daughter, Jessie  Zhao. The Exhibition is a joyish celebration of  impressionistic realities and themes, filled with vivid light,  color and photo realistic tones which reach for your soul. 

Original Painting by Hongbin Zhao

Jessi Zhao with her farther Dr Hongbin ZhaoThe  artists reception, on opening day offered a unique opportunity to meet and learn more about the artists and their work. Both Dr Hongbin Zhao and daughter Jessie where extremely approachable and enthusiastically discussed their various paintings. Dr Zhao who was born in Shanghai now lives in Australia talked about his life and travels past and present.  I noticed a few of  Dr Hongbin Zhao’s works had black swans in them. Being the curious type  I asked Dr. Zhao if the black swans were symbolic. With a big smile he said “No, in Australia all the swans are black.”  This is something I just didn’t know!

If you have seen the work of Dr Honbin Zhao and Jessie Zhao in person, make sure to stop  by Imagine Gallery before the exhibit ends on Nov 5th. One thing that struck me about the exhibit and their work is, although neither artist has painted in the Three Village Area, more than a few paintings  could easily be mistaken for local scenes. So stop by before the exhibit ends and see if the Zhao’s have captured a little piece of your heaven on canvas. Who knows, you might even want to take a little heaven home with you!

  • Who: Dr Hongbin Zhao and Jessie Zaho
  • Where: Imagine Gallery in Chandler Square -631-509-5340 , Exhibit in Port Jefferson till Nov 5th
  • More Artists Information: www.zhaohogbin.net  and www.hzfinearts.com

Original Painting by Jessie Zhao- Shown at Imagine Gallery