Harbor Corner Kitchen Closes Doors! One Door Closes another Opens

After 3 months of operation Harbor Corner Kitchen at 109 West Broadway has closed the doors and auction workers where see separating and marking the contents and  fixtures for a future auction. HCK started off with a good start with the casual American menu of chef Patrick Trovato. Patrick Trovato quickly demostrated his culinary skills and locals started to take notice. Unfortunately when chef Patrick Trovato left in August things started to go downhill. 

 HCK was the third food operation by owner. The first business was called the Harbor Corner Deli which was a conventional deli which struggled under a variety of managers. The second was  called Kebabaluba, which featured Mediterranean cusine  (Original chef and cuisne was fantastic) but the  tag line  ” Watch Your Fingers”  just  didn’t seem to bring the crowds . 

Another Door opens: The silver lining, I ran into HCK”s former chef Patrick Trovato and his son during the PJ Music Festival. Patrick and his band had just played at Schafer’s Restaurant and they stopped over to Chandler Square for an ice cream . The good news,  Patrick is putting the finishing touches on his own food truck and soon he will have his own traveling restaurant! Great news because this man can cook! More info to follow as soon as he gets rolling!