Goat Seen In Port Jefferson

Photo Me4PortJeff.com

Photo Me4PortJeff.comIn the American language the word “Goat” stands for many things. A Goat could be a bearded animal capable of comsuming tin cans for supper. In sports a Goat can be a loser.Being a Mets and Jets fan I have been on the bad side of “Goat-dom” many times. In the folklore of classic cars the word “GOAT” stands for a legend known as the Pontiac GTO. The brainstorm of then Pontiac general manager John Delorean the GTO’s formula was simple.Shoehorn a whomping big engine in a midsize car. Some auto purist insist the Chrysler 300′s of the 1950′s were the first true muscle cars,but their overbearing size and barge like handling make them fast but not GTO fast. Based on the LeMans. Johnny Z and his team had to do some magic to transform the family hauler to drag strip hero. The featured Goat seen in Port Jeff is a 1967 GTO convertible with paint code# R known as “ Regimental Red”. In 1967 Pontiac did a minor restyle from 1966.One big upgrade was the eight louvered taillights a GTO exclusive.

 Going away with the dinasours was the fuel gobbling tri-power.Replaced by the less trouble prone Quadrajet four barrel carb for 1967.You could chose from a variety of engine choices in 1967. The 389 was replaced by the 400.Power ratings ranged from  a tepid 225 horsepower to “speeding ticket” getting 360HP. No more two speed auto or “slushbox” replaced by the much more beefier Turbo 400.You could also get the leg cramping 4 speed tranny or the “Rock-crusher” as the hotrodders called it. Sales were good for 67 model year. Over 81,000 GTO’s found new homes. The featured 1967 GTO Ragtop is testament to glory days of the past. The days of 30 cent gas, simpler times and Rock and Roll. This beautiful Regimental Red GTO convertible carries the torch with pride.

                   This story by Port Jefferson’s own  CarlisleJohnny.com

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