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 Me4Port offers a free Business Listing to All Port Jeff  Businesses

We offer three different listings to meet your marketing needs.

  1. Basic Business listing is Free -  Designed to get your basic business  information on the web. Listing includes your Company Name, Address and Phone number and is sorted by your business category. If they are looking for you they will find you.
  2. Standard Listing – Stand Out from the Competition -   Company basic information is sorted by category but with standard listing we include a company picture or logo  and company tagline to make your company stand out you from your competition and attract more customers!
  3. Deluxe Listing – Drive Customers to Your Business  – Includes all the above. Your basic company information is sorted by business category, company picture or logo, company tagline or promotion is added to make your company standout . In addition with a Deluxe Listing we also includes a SEO optomized company article, review or post and two hyperlinks to your company website, coupons or promotions. This will give you higher search engine placement over a basic listing and drive more customers and traffic to your business. More customers and traffic leads to more sales!

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Port Jeff Merchants – Help Your customers find your goods and services with a  business listing in our merchant directory!  You can get a free listing online by clicking on the business forms above or click on this link for your Me4PortJeff online business listing form .