Frigate Sponsors Free Post Irene Concert for People Without Power in Port Jefferson

The Como Brothers Band plays a Free Concert in Front of The Frigate in Port JeffersonThe Port Jeff Frigate sponsored a free concert Wednesday night August 31 for all the  people in and around Port Jefferson still without  power. Although downtown Port only lost power for a  couple of hours when Irene hit on Sunday,  many of areas residents have been without power for days! The big question around town is how did Irene affect you and there are lots of stories. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by the weekend.

The Golden Eagle Stand Guard behind The Como Brothers Band!The Como Brothers Band  set up the corner of Main Street across from the ferry and played for hours and entertained visitors with their upbeat rock and roll classics. One couple on the street was was heard to say, ”This is what I like about Port Jeff, there is always something going “. The owner of the Frigate, George Wallis is well know for giving back to Port Jeff and personally sponsors many events throughout the year. I thought it was particularly ironic as the band played the golden eagle of the 911 monument  stood guard behind them and to the right was Abe ‘s quote which says  ”I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives” Nice job George, Abe would be happy!

I Like to See A Man Proud ... Abe Lincoln