Comes Fall – Last Call For Farmers Market!

Thursday's Farmer Market in Port JeffThursday morning is when the farmers truck pulls up in front of  The Frigate and sets up a tent in the parking lot filled with the locally grown harvest of fresh vegetables and fruit. Long Island has a wonderful farming history and we are lucky there are still some farms and farmers around who continue the tradition and cultivate the land. I’m sure it has been a difficult year for farmers with the crazy weather and the higher costs but one thing is for sure they know their business and are growing  some great stuff this year. Every week there is something new and delicious but the summer crop is definitely coming to an end. If you haven’t had local  corn, beans, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, , peaches or  berries you need to  get down soon because even a city slicker  knows summer doesn’t last for ever. 

Port Jeff Farmers Market Brings local produce to the VillageI asked when the truck will stop coming to Port Jeff even though I know the answer really depends on the weather. If you  haven’t shopped and taken advantage of the Farmer’s Market on Thursday, I’m guessing we only have a few more weeks. The one thing I know for sure is when you start see Brussel sprouts and pumpkins, fall will be here and the Farmers Market will be a memory! Stop down soon.

Farmers Market is on Thursday on the cornor of Maint St across from the Ferry Landing