East meets West at Schafer’s Restaurant and it’s Exciting

Schafer's Restaurant Now Open in Port JeffPort Jeff’s newest restaurant is Schafer’s and their American Style Cuisine is creating quite the buzz.  A quick glance at the menu and you realize this menu is special.  American cuisine like America  is always changing and in 2011 American cuisine has become a world menu, celebrating  America’s ethnic diversity. At Schafers under the capable hands of executive Chef Paul Gavin, East does meet West with an exciting  variety of  Asian, Spanish, French, Italian  influences as well as  traditional American dishes like a 160z NY Shell and a steamed Maine lobster ( presented in a very non traditional multi tiered fashion). 

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers at Schafer's Restaurant in Port JeffI experienced the pleasures of the new East meeting West American cuisine the other night at a  family celebration. We decided to eat upstairs because it was a clear summer night with a gentle breeze . After looking at the menu, I wanted to start with  Paul’s Calamari small plate  ($10) but I just had  to try the Stuffed Piquillo Peppers ($10) which is typical dish served in Spain.  I’m told in Spanish Piquillo translate to “small beak” and when my appetizer arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see three “small beak” like peppers. These little beaks were filled with chorizo sausage, Spanish manchego cheese with smoked yellow chili oil  and creme Fraiche. Great way to start and get in the mood for dinner.

Paul Gavin's Panko Crusted Tilapia at Schafer's RestaurantFor my entree I choose the  Asian influenced Panko Crusted Tilapia & Yuzi Aioli ($19). All I can say is this multi layered dish just needs to be experienced. The Tilapia was moist with a perfect Panko crust, grilled tofu, grilled Asian stir fry vegetables topped with a golden pinapple Salsa. Simply brillant!

The upstairs at Schafers really is a lot of fun. The atmosphere is casual, the food is incredible , you have a great  view of Port Jeff  harbor (day or night) and an added bonus – on weekends they have  entertainment both upstairs and downstairs. A definite recommend and I plan to return  to check out the rest of Paul Govin world class creations soon!