Formaggio c'est Porta Sapore Vecchio Mondo a Port Jeff

Lunch at C'est Cheese - Port Jeff C’est Cheese ( prounced Say Cheese) at 216B main Street  opened  Labor Day weekend. The sign on the window says Artisanal Cheeses - Boutique WinesCrafted BeersGourmet Sandwiches & Salads. Not sure what that meant, I decided to take a look for myself and instantly was brought back to a fond memory of a wonderful  lunch years ago on a busy Parisian side street. 

At  C’est Cheeses the menu tells the story. Does a  fresh baked baguette ( they have 4 different types) with  Applewoodsmoke bacon, gouda, tomatoes, avacodes, rosemary aioli and greens sound interesting well then order C’est Cheese’s BLT! There are over 10 other choices and they all are incredible with names like The Normandy, The Maguro, The PMT, The Soprano and  The Capri as well as some American classic like a Ruben and a gooey Grilled Cheese!.  

Enjoy a Speciality tap Beer at C'est Cheese Port JeffersonOf Course at C’est Cheese there is  more than euro inspired sandwichs.  They also offer their unique interpertation of French,English,Spanish, Greek and American salads ( $7.95) which are served with your  choice of a fresh baked Baguette(You can add grilled chicken or tuna to any salad for ($3). One suggestion, with over 100 cheeses to choose from don’t forget to add a cheese plate  to your order!  Another thing that makes C’est Cheese special is  their cafe menu can be enjoyed with their fine collection of wines or specialty tap beers.  

You Can Buy Gourmet Cheese by weight at C'est Cheese in Port JeffersonC’est Cheese also has a wonderful display case filled with their gourmet cheeses from around the world which are available  by the pound. You never have to go home empty handed at C’est Cheese!

Not sure what to order? All you have to do is ask.  The owner Joe Ciardullo is more than willing to share his culinary knowledge and the entire staff at C’est Cheese is very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone  takes great pride and care with their suggestions.  Make sure to grab a friend and stop in soon.  C’est Cheese is C’est Bon

The Staff at C'est Cheese Port Jeff is very helpful

The Staff at C'est Cheese in Port Jeff - Owner Joe Ciardullo with Amanda, Dave & Shaun

  • Che cosa: C’est CheesePort jefferson
  • Dove: 216B Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY 1177
  • More Info: Call 631-403-4944 or visit