Cars Seen In Port Jeff

1930 Ford Model “A” Ford Roadster. The Ford Model A was introduced to a car hungry public on October 20th 1927. Produced between 1927-1931 the Model A was a huge seller for the Ford Motor Company.Unlike its predeccessor the Model T the Model A was a much more modern car. The Model T had become out dated and was being out classed by rivals Chevy and Dodge. Henry Ford had joked about the “T” that..”It was available in every color as long as it was black”  The Model A would break that mold with new colors and options not availble in the Ole Tin Lizzie. Not a big fan of change Henry was forced by his sales staff and agreed to a new Ford. Also not known as a man of style he gave the design duties to his son Edsel Ford. Using the mass production methods perfected by the “T” the Model A was a smash hit from the start. Prices started at $395.00 for the roadster up to the very costly Town Sedan at $1400.00. Powering the Model A was 201 cubic inch four cylinder engine with a cast iron block and head. Horsepower was 40 with top speeds of 65mph. The transmission was a conventional 3 speed manual. A vast upgrade from the Model T’s multi-lever and pedal Planetary Gear unit. Between 1927-1931 Ford sold over 4,800,000 Model A’s.  The featured Model A Roadster had a base price of $395.00 in 1930. It is painted in “Barcelona Blue” one of the five original colors available in 1930. All Model A’s came from the factory with “Brewster Black” fenders regardless of body color. Upgrades include dual sidemounts and stainless steel grille shell. Seen during the 2010 Port Jefferson’s famous Hill Climb this fine Model A Roadster brings back memories of simpler days when a Sunday drive was a joy.. Ever take a ride in a classic Model A?  Let Me4PortJeff and take you back to a simpler time..

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