Cars Of Port Jefferson 1964 Chevy Bel Air ..Chevrolet’s One Million Seller And Less Than A Dollar A Pound

If you were Chevrolet and GM in 1964 you were doing fantastic. You just got off the banner year of 1963 with a total restyle of your full size cars and you were the top selling brand in the land. Model year 1964 would be even better with Chevy selling over a million full size Biscayne’s, Bel Air’s and Impala’s. At a base price of $2788.00 and tipping the scales at 3415 pounds your baseball and apple pie Chevrolet cost you less than a buck a pound. What a deal.

No wonder Chevy plants were going 24 hours and 7 days a week. This was the age of the big American car and long before the OPEC Oil Embargo laid waste to GM and the American auto industry. In 1964 gas was 24 cents a gallon and the open road was all you needed in your Chevrolet. In 1964 you could get your big Chevy three different ways. The old flubber Biscayne with no options and bare bone trim. The slightly fancier Bel Air and the top of the line Impala. If you checked the box for the Bel Air you got upgraded body trim and chrome, dual tail lights, standard carpet and cloth and vinyl seats.

Engines ranged from the Thriftmaster in line six up to the peppy 327 Small Block V8. The base transmission was the “Three on the tree” 3 speed manual or you could go for the slushbox Powerglide automatic. If you got the Bel Air no hardtop or convertible was available. Even at the extra cost most people went for the pricier and glitzier Impala. Impala sales accounted for over 70% of full size Chevy sales in 1964. Our feature 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air four door sedan features an upgraded 350 Small Block V8 and period correct Cragar S/S Wheels. American as baseball and apple pie this classic 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air is a tribute to the days of cheap gas and the Beach Boys playing on your AM radio.

This story brought to you by Port Jefferson’s  Carlisle Johnny and  C.A.R.S. Classic Auto Appraisals