Brookhaven Completes Port Jeff Parking Lot and Harbor Walk Beautification Project

Brookhaven Parking Lot in Port JeffersonIf you haven’t been down to Port Jeff  recently, you are in for a big surprised this spring. During the winter, Brookhaven Town started an ambitious parking lot improvement and harbor walk beautification project down by the town marina in Port Jeff Village. Mark Brosnan was the building project coordinator and despite the winter snows and spring rains, Mr Brosnan was able to complete the project in time and under budget, with a minimum of disruption to Port Jeff and Brookhaven residents.  Mr. Brosnan and his team of contractors set out to update and beautify the parking lot and completely redesigned, beautify the marina boardwalk. Visitors and residents alike will now be able to stroll the new harbor boardwalk in a park like environment complete with a new natutical stainless steal railing and enjoy the world class view of the harbor from new benches along the way. With the completion of the boardwalk beautification project you can now walk along Port Jeff Harbor from  from the boat ramps on the west side all the way over to the PJ Village Center of the East side of the harbor.

New Trees and Landscaping In Brookhaven Parking Lot in Port JeffDuring the winter contractors where busy upgrading the parking lot drainage, repairing damage to the parking lot,   pulling up no longer needed undeground sanitation & fuel tanks, replacing the boardwalk foundation as well as the cables, waterlines and  powerlines under the boardwalk and finally replacing the boardwalk. The old boardwalk was replaced with a Brazilian hardwood which is durable and pleasing to the eye. During the spring the parking lot was slightly redesigned and areas were made for trees and landscaping without loosing any car spaces and Mr Brosnan was even able to add a few more spaces for motorcycles.

Last week the final paving and striping of the parking lot was done in two stages to minimize parking disruption to the public. Beginning on Monday, the west side of parking lot was paved and striped while keeping the east side of the lot open and later in the week the process was  reversed with minimum disruption to the public. All this was done between threats and rain delays but on Friday afternoon the job was done and the parking lot was reopened to the public and within an hour people were waalking the boardwalk and enjoying the new benches!  Good job Brookhaven! Good job Mr Brosnan!

The official re-opening / ribbon cutting ceremony for the parking lot is Friday,  May 20th at 1:30pm.

 New Harbor Walk at Brookhaven Marina in Port Jeff

FYI: Brookhaven Parking Lot in Port Jefferson is located by the PJ Marina on W Broadway. Parking is free for residents of Brookhaven Town. Non residents are charged $20 a day per car and motorcycles are 1/2 price at $10 a day. Bookhaven reason is motorcycles take half the space of the car and they  pay less. The motorcycle area now has 50 spaces and 4 benches and the BID has donated two picnic tables which are located by the motorcycle area for relaxing.