Bon Jovi, Jesse and Port Jeff Motorcycle

Jesse in Bon Jovi Heaven
All you have to know about me is that I love Bon Jovi. Sure, I love plenty of other things, but Bon Jovi  holds the key to my heart. I’ve seen them live 8 times now, but tickets seem to be getting more expensive, and my mom seems to be getting less helpful. In order to keep my Bon Jovi funds growing, I was forced to look for my first job. I went to every restaurant and retail store near my home, but I had absolutely no luck.
Fortunately for me, a gorgeous summer day led my friends and I to Port Jeff, where I saw a small “Help Wanted” sign on the window of the last place I ever expected to work. I couldn’t have been luckier because now I am a happy employee of the Port Jeff Motorcycle Store, I am surrounded by the amazing locals here, and I can finally afford to see Bon Jovi whenever I please.
I was hired as a cashier because of my clear lack of motorcycle knowledge, but after being surrounded by every type of motorcycle accessory known to man, I learned the craft, got a real appreciation for bikes, and now get to help the customers first hand. For the last few months, I’ve also been heavily surrounded by people covered in big ink. Feeling inspired, I joined the club and got my very first tattoo, which just happens to be Bon Jovi related. I know, shocking. Not only do I feel more apart of my new biker identity, I have labeled myself as a true “Jovi Girl”, but that’s a whole other story.
The Port Jeff Motorcycle Store

Port Jeff Motorcycle, we've moved! Come see us next to Starbucks at 201 Main Street (photo credit: Jesse Porretto)