Bikers Like “Free” Motorcycle Parking in Port Jefferson

Motorcycle Parking In Brookhaven Marina Parking Lot in PJLooks like the word is getting out about “Free” motorcycle parking in the Brookhaven Marina Parking lot in Port Jefferson. On a recent sunny weekend the designated motorcyle area in the Brookhaven Parking lot was once again  filled.  In a recently announced experimental program,the Port Jeff BID (PJ  Business Improvement District) will pay the Town of Brookhaven non resident fee ($10) for motorcycles who want to park in the Brookhaven Marina Parking lot. Apparently various civic leaders have backed the  experimental program which appears to be an attempt to get motorcycles off of Main Street and back into the Brookhaven Marina parking lot which is where they parked for free for many years.

Many Civic Leaders realize that letting motorcycles park for free in the Brookhaven Lot really is good for business and is part of the solution to Port Jeff’s  seasional parking problems.. The reality is that many stores, shops and restaurants suffered financially when the village was chasing motorcycles out of town and making it difficult to park in the village. With the help of the Mayor and other civic leaders, Port Jeff has been more biker friendly lately. 

The Port Jeff Motorcycle Store has been spreading the word about parking in the Brookhaven marina parking lot and the response has been positive. Many bikers like to park in the lot when they are in town for various reasons. They know they will have a place to park, they don’t have to worry about getting a tickets, their bikes are safer in the lot than parking on the street, they know other bikers will watch their bikes while they are shopping or eating and they can relax on the benches in parking lot while catching up with friends.  Motorcycles are good for Port Jeff and ” Free Parking” in the Brookhaven lot is good for bikers! Spread the word!