Big Belly Solar Power Comes to Port Jeff – Green & Clean Trash Is Here!

The New Big Belly Solar Bins & Old Fashion Trash Container on Port Jeff's Main StreetThere are lots of new trash bin popping up all around Port Jefferson. The village is going green and the old green metal trash containers have been replaced by some high tech, solar powered models. These deluxe garbage cans are made by a company call Big Belly Solar an inovator in waste control management. Our new trash can contain a solar powered mini compactor which can hold 5 times the amount of trash of the soon to be retired old metal cans. Besides holding  more garbage, they send a text message to the bat cave when they are filled up. Now that’s a great garbage can.! The new trash bins also have a recycle bin for plastic and bottles.  


Solar Panel Port Jeff's Big Belly Trash Containers

Solar Panel For New Trash Bin

Big Belly Solar trash bins have been brought to Port Jeff by Port Jefferson Village and The Business Improvement District (BID). Not sure who will get the text message when the Bins are full but if it helps keep the streets cleaner and has reduced impact on the environment then we will all benefit. The Village has been pro active in taking a green approach and with solar powered trash compactors all around the Village lets hope for lots of sunny days!

Big Belly Solar Comes to Port Jefferson