A Tree “Dies” in Port Jefferson

The other day, between snow storms a tree was cut down in Port Jeff and I’m sure this summer many people are going to miss this tree. This tree wasn’t  particularly attractive or historical but this tree was important. You probably drove past this tree a million times. It was located in front of the Brookhaven Parking lot and it brought a little bit of nature , life and small town charm  to an otherwise drab and utilitarian parking lot.

The tree was cut down because the roots had damaged the side walk. The choice was repair the sidewalk or cut down the tree. Everybody talks green but apparently some power to be felt one less tree in Port Jeff really doesn’t matter.  This tree was special in lots of ways.  For me,this tree was like a living clock  and helped me keep track of  changing seasons. You know, no leaves -winter, flowers and buds -spring, green leaves summer and if the leaves are yellow get ready for the cold weather.

If it was up to me I would have fixed the sidewalk  but it’s not up to me. But as I said this tree was important to lots of people. Every year for as long as I can remember, hours before Port Jeff’s annual July 4th parade, people would arrive to stake out their claim for a shady spot under the tree. It’s only one day but it is a very important day in Port Jeff and this tree will not be there this fourth of July. But in fact the tree will truly be missed by hundreds if not thousands of motorcyclists who come to Port Jeff during the summer months.Yes this was the only tree that offered shade and relief from the summer sun in the motorcycle parking area. On weekends the motorcycle parking area has lots of room for lots of motorcycles but you were lucky if you could find an available spot under the tree. But no shady tree for the bikers this summer!

Last summer, during the week a smaller group of regulars would show up on their bikes and enjoy an afternoon under the shady tree. Last summer, one biker friend in particular, would show up almost daily. He would pull in , park his bike under the tree and enjoy a couple of hours by himself or with whoever showed up. Later in the  summer I learned my friend was fighting a serious battle with cancer. I imagine riding your motorcycle and spending relaxing afternoons under a shady tree must help when your fighting the big C. All I know for sure is the Tree is gone but I really hope to see my friend again this summer.

Post script: Here is a picture of the tree 

The sidewalk

If they wanted to save the tree, the sidewalk could  have easily been repaired!