A Shooting “Star-Fire” Is Seen In Port Jeff

1965 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible. GM and Oldsmobile had the world on string in the 60′s.With superior mechanics and cars styled by design guru Bill Mitchell Olds had a banner year in 1965.The Oldsmobile Starfire was introduced in 1960 as a sporty second choice to the “88″ series. Olds first used the Starfire name for its 1953 Autorama dream car but would not see production till 1960. The first series would be produced from model years 1961-1966 and dropped when the front wheel drive Toronado stole its thunder in 66.In 1965 you could order your Starfire with two engines. The base engine was the 394 cubic V8.For an extra $115.00 you could get the pavement ripping 425 cubic inch “Rocket V8″ Rated at 375 horsepower it was fast but had MPG that would make Al Gore cry. The only tranmission was the new for 1965 Turbo 400 automatic replacing the Slushbox Hydramatic. The 425 V8 would get heavy duty cooling and upgraded suspension and brakes. Still its 4492 lbs curb weight gave it handling more barge-like than sports car. Olds was able to sell 15260 Starfires in 1965.Sadly 1965 would be the last year for the ragtop and Olds would drop the Starfire name in 1966. The Starfire name would reappear in 1975 when GM had the bad taste to stick it on the Olds version of the Chevy Monza.  Our featured 1965 Olds Starfire was seen in Port Jeff during  Memorial Day 2011. Painted in its original “Provincial White” it was a welcome addition to the parade of fine collector vehicles that graced the streets of Port Jefferson for start of  summer 2011.  This story brought to you by Port Jeff’s own Johnny B  and   www.carlislejohnny.com