A Peerless Uncovered In Port Jeff – A Port Jefferson Love Story Begins

As the saying goes..”All good things come to those who wait” Well not too sure about all good but in my case a 1929 Peerless Model 6-81. For as long as my car soaked brain can recall parked in my hometown of Port Jefferson NY has been a very lonely 1929 Peerless. As some of you know in its day Peerless was one of the “Three P’s Of Motordom” in the 1920,s and 1930′s. Considered one of the best cars of its era. The other two P’s being Packard and Pierce Arrow. Some say the thing that killed Peerless was they made the cars too good.

The average car in its day would last maybe 5 years. Peerless was known for going 10 years plus with no major repairs. Truth be told it was The Great Depression and Peerless lack of a lower priced model that sent it packing by late 1931. The story of this wonderful piece of automotive history is a two part love affair. It’s soon to be past owner is an amazing women who purchased the restored jewel over 18 years ago. From the start she had a love affair with the Peerless. Her intent was to use it for her costume company as a prop and for weekend drives with her husband.

As time and life passed by the Peerless was parked and became part of the backdrop of our pretty harbor town. Still she refused to sell it hoping that one day it could be brought back to its past glory. Many people asked but she refused despite the price. As with most love affairs it is tough to let go. The second part of the love story is me. I have always had a desire and romance for cars from the 1920′s and 1930′s. Years ago when I spotted it parked it was love at first sight. For years me and the owner would talk. About life. About the Peerless.

About her future plans for the Peerless. She was glad to know that I knew about the history of Peerless and its role in automotive history. Still no sale. She promised if she did sell it I would be the person she would sell it too. I had to promise to keep it close by and not sell the car for profit. I did. But I was running out of time. I needed to have a classic car ready for the Lincoln Highway 2013 tour. When I was at Spring Carlisle 2012 I fell for a fully restored 1936 Chevrolet Standard for a great price. Still it was not the Peerless. I called her son explaining I needed to know if she wanted to sell or not. If not than I would purchase the beautiful old Chevrolet. Few hours later the phone rang and she was ready to let her love go. Maybe she felt like I was cheating with another car or something in her life had changed. Sometimes its tough to let go. So now its a race to August 2013 to get the much loved Peerless ready for the Lincoln Highway Cross Country Tour. Unlike most love stories this one is going to have a happy ending. Oh well this is another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into..

        This story brought to you by Port Jefferson’s own Carlisle Johnny and C.A.R.S.Classic Auto Appraisals