70 Years Later – Pearl Harbor Remembered in Port Jefferson

Veteran's on Motorcycles Remember the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Port JeffVet’s don’t forget. On Sunday morning a group of Vet’s on motorcycles came to Port Jefferson to remember their brothers and sisters who lost their lives 70 years ago on Dec 7th. So many of the Vets who answered the call of duty in 1941 are gone now, but it was nice to see those who followed in their steps, honor the memory of those who lost their lives that Sunday morning so many years ago when 353 Japanese planes attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. 

Vets remember Pearl Harbor in Port JeffersonThe  memorial service took place across from the PJ Village Hall and was attended by Veterans from all branches of the Service. The crisp sounds of the honor guards 21 gun salute reinforced the solemn nature of the the memorial  service and brought me back to a conversation I had as a young boy with my father’s best friend who had lost his brother that day at Pearl Harbor.  The names of those  from our area who served and died for their country are etched in stone monuments in the Brookhaven Park in Port Jefferson. Someday you might want to take a look and you will know why, Vet’s don’t forget.

Pearl Harbor facts according to the National Park Service‘s website:

  • 2,388 Americans died in the attack
  • 1,178 Americans were wounded
  • 21 American ships were sunk or damaged
  • 323 American aircraft were destroyed or damaged
  • 1,177 Americans involved in the attack were serving on the USS Arizona
  • 333 servicemen serving on the USS Arizona survived the attack