38 Ford Vu à Port Jefferson

1938 Ford seen in Port Jefferson - Me4PortJeff.com1938 Ford Deluxe Quatre Sedan.In les jours passés de la Ford modèle T de Ford Henry avait une citation célèbre.”Vous pouvez l'obtenir dans n'importe quelle couleur tant que ses noirs” Par 1938 Ford would be a totally different company.Model year 1938 would see a minor restyle of the totally new 1937 models.Except for a new grille and minor rear restyle 1938 models would use 90% of the prior years body panels. Sales for 1938 would slump compare to 1937.Lack of interest in a not so new car and a bad word that would haunt us till todayrecessionwould hurt sales. Midway thru 1938 Ford would drop the slow selling Slantback body only after one year of production. Still Ford would offer many body styles and colors. Unlike its older brother the Model T you could order your 1938 Ford in 22 different colors.Interiors were upgraded on the deluxe models with thicker carpets and broadcloth seats.The convertibles would get standard leather seating. Seven different body types were available in the car line.Ranging from two door coupes,four door sedans,two and four door convertibles and toping off the range was price heavy woody wagon. Ford offered your 1938 Ford in either standard or deluxe trim.The deluxe models getting more chrome and upgraded appointments. One option still not available on your 1938 Ford was hydraulic brakes.While most of the industry had madejuice brakesstandard issue Henry Ford insisted it was just a luxury.Crosstown rival Chevrolet made it standard issue on every Chevy in 1937.Much to the anger of Henry’s son Edsel Ford would wait till 1939 for hydraulic brakes.Many Ford history buffs agree if Henry kept running the company Ford would of failed.Thanks to happless Edsel the Ford Motor Company modernize and prosper.Our feature 1938 Ford Deluxe 4 Door Sedan is powered by Fords legendary 221 cubic inch Flathead V8.Part of the famous Port Jefferson Hill Climb this wonderfull piece of Ford history shows why Fords of the 1930s were known for their style and rumble of the famous Flathead V8Ole Henry and Edsel should be proud.   

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